A little girl is in critical condition after her ambulance was in an accident while it was transporting her to hospital.ambuThe two-year old, who has suspected meningitis, was in the back of the ambulance, along with her mother, travelling to the hospital. At about 4am on Thursday morning, the ambulance left the carriageway.

The girl and her mother were being transferred transferred from Horton Hospital in Banbury to the Warwick Hospital. The ambulance rolled down to the bottom of the embankment off the M40; it was spotted by a passing motorist who called 999.

The little girl’s grandfather, Bill Robison, said his granddaughter is now “gravely ill;” she remains in intensive care at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital. He added: “We don’t really know exactly what happened … they were travelling fast, but I’m sure within the limit, on the motorway, just before junction 11, and suddenly heard ‘a clonk’. It left the road, went down the embankment and rolled several times.”