Young Man Killed In Brutal Drive-By Shooting At Essex Petrol Station

A young man has died after being brutally gunned down outside an Essex petrol station in a suspected drive-by shooting. The victim, in his 20s, died in hospital after he was shot in the chest in what cops think was a targeted killing in Chelmsford in the early hours of this morning.  The victim, who has not been named, and another young man were outside a BP garage when a blue Ford Fiesta was seen pulling up near them.

Murder detectives appealed for witnesses after an attacker opened fire from inside the vehicle, which then zoomed off. Emergency services were called just after 2am after the victim suffered a fatal chest wound.  Medics desperately tried to save his life as he was rushed to hospital but he died hours later. The men were standing outside a BP garage in a street lined with terraced houses and shops around 700 yards from a major roundabout.

Essex Police said: “The victim and another man, both aged in their 20s, were outside the BP garage near the Army and Navy roundabout when a blue Ford Fiesta pulled up.  He was shot by an occupant of the car, which drove off. He was taken to hospital, where he sadly died.”

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