X Factor Star Slammed For Sick Conspiracy Tweet After Manchester Arena Terror Attack

X-Factor flop Steve Brookstein sparked uproar yesterday by claiming the Manchester bombing could have been a “false flag” to distract from Theresa May’s social care u-turn. As the horror unfolded in Manchester, failed soul singer Brookstein tweeted that the “coincidence is concerning” and “politically, this benefits the Tories after they’ve just had an horrendous day.”

He went on to suggest “the military industrial complex” and “huge corporations” who “don’t want Corbyn” could have been behind the devastating horror. The comments were later delete after a barrage of online criticism aimed at the popstar.

He later claimed: “I suggested that there are dark forces that could possibly do it. Not DID do it. Nobody knows who did it”. But just two hours after the explosion, warped Brookstein, 48, wrote: “False flags are not imaginary. These things happen. I’m not saying 100 per cent but the coincidence is concerning”.

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