McFly’s Harry Judd has announced that he’s expecting his second child with wife Izzzy. The musician took to social media to reveal that Izzy is expecting once more. And what’s more amazing, she conceived naturally after the pair used IVF to have their first child.

Harry shared an adorable picture of Izzy, wearing a pair of denim dungarees, sat on the floor holding her bump. Their 14-month-old daughter Lola is copying her mum, and even has a matching outfit on. Harry posted the pic on Instagram, writing: “Lola, where’s baby?”

Izzy also posted the news, writing on her page: “Harry, Lola and I are so happy to share our news. After having IVF to conceive Lola people used to say to me you’ll probably fall pregnant naturally next time. I wondered how it would ever be that simple after all the difficulties we have previously faced. I never believed we would be lucky enough, but whilst writing Dare to Dream this little miracle happened. I want to give others hope that amazing things can happen.”