Woman Sticks Her Finger Up A Dog’s Bum – You’ll Never Guess Why

Ann Bendouli says she stuck it in “right up to the second knuckle.”

Quick-thinking Ann took an unusual step to save her beloved Jack Russell puppy Lexey.

The dog certainly received a surprise!

The dog certainly received a surprise!

When 54 year-old Ann saw Lexey being savagely attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier she knew she had to do something. In the heat of the moment, she recalled reading somewhere on Google that a surefire way to get a dog to back off from an attack is to use a lighter.

Ann said: “I had read that you are supposed to pick up the dog’s tail and put a lighter up its behind. I didn’t have a lighter.”

“So I put my finger up its backside, right up to the second knuckle. I had to do something to save dog.”

And it worked! Ann, who is from Perth in Australia, was able to rescue Lexey and presumably washed her hands pronto. She has no regrets about her actions, but is concerned the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was able to attack in the first place:

“This dog is dangerous, it should have been leashed and muzzled,” said Ann.

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