A woman was killed when a truck ploughed into her home “like a disaster movie” when the driver blacked out. Catherine Bonner, 55, died and her partner Jim McColl was seriously injured when the vehicle smashed into the side of her house in Fairlie, Ayrshire.

Doctors say the driver George Marshall blacked out after suffering an ‘explosive coughing fit’ because of a condition known as carotid sinus hypersensitivity which stops blood getting to his heart. A fatal accident inquiry at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the two-storey house was struck at its corner, demolishing the gable end and exposing an upstairs bedroom. ┬áBoth Ms Bonnar and Mr McColl were rushed to hospital and Ms Bonnar died from her injuries.”

The Daily Record reports William McCrindle, 77, was driving two cars behind the lorry and was first at the scene of the carnage. He told the hearing: “The truck did not take the bend and drove a direct line straight into the house. It was almost like a disaster movie. There was a colossal bang and bricks were flying everywhere … The truck was embedded so far in I thought the driver would be killed.”