Jeremy Kyle and viewers watching couldn’t believe their ears when one woman came up with a bold claim over why she was on benefits.1womanAccording to Michelle the reason she couldn’t go to work was because “I have to walk the dog”. Her revelation stunned Jezza and he couldn’t help joke: “There’s a new benefit coming ‘dog seekers’ allowance’.”

The comments sent viewers in a tizzy as they took to Twitter: “Jeremy Kyle- why haven’t you got a job. *because I’ve a dog to look after* oh the things you hear on that show.”

One fumed: “I can’t work cos I have no one to walk the dog” folk on Jezza Kyle really need to get a f***in grip.”

Michelle had been brought on the show by her daughter Jody who wanted her to keep out of her relationship. Michelle had a different story to tell but Jez wasn’t having any of it and told the mum to be a better parent to her daughter or get out of their lives altogether.