Woman Car Passenger Live-Streams Her Own Death On Facebook In Horror High-Speed Crash

A young woman inadvertently live-streamed her own death when a car in which she was a passenger smashed into a barrier. The video footage (scroll down for footage) of the incident shows giggling Nikol Barabasova holding her phone up to begin a Facebook Live stream as her friend accelerates along the road.

The VW was reportedly driving at more than 120kph (74.5mph) in Obrnice, Czech Republic – with the pair allegedly trying to go much faster – when it smashed into a barrier. The pair look excited to be driving but the footage then shows the moment the car shudders and flips – having hit the barrier. The mobile phone camera is left running as it ominously comes to rest with the lens focused on a seatbelt – and nothing moving inside the vehicle.

A member of the emergency services reportedly ended the live-stream after arriving on the scene – reportedly around 20 minutes later. According to local reports, Nikol’s friend remains in a hospital intensive care unit with a serious head injury.

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