1234A 22-year-old woman was killed and her sister seriously injured after they were flung to the ground from a carousel swing ride.

Neha Singh, 22 and her older sister Sneha, 25, were on the ride at Howrah’s Belilious Park in India on Sunday. But the bucket seat of the swing rife flew out causing the sisters to fall to the concrete floor.

They both suffered devastating head and face injuries leaving Neha dead and her sister now fighting for her life in hospital. Eyewitnesses say there was a “metallic sound” when the move started before the bucket carrying the sister’s flew to the ground.

Speaking to the Times of India, eyewitness nursing student Bipasha Basu, said, “When the swing started to move, there was a metallic sound. I asked the operator to stop, but before I could raise my voice, I saw the bucket flying out.” Police said they have now started an investigation into the case.