“Why Won’t Mummy Wake Up?” Anguish As 2 Year-Old Finds Mum Dead In Bed

A little boy has discovered his mother dead in bed.

Little Alfie-James make the shocking discovery after his mother’s partner had left for work. The two year-old’s mum, 25 year-old Steph Evans, had gone to bed the night before complaining of shoulder pain and died during the night.

Steph Evans leaves behind two sons

Steph Evans leaves behind two sons

Miss Evans, who lived in Todmorden in West Yorkshire, had a heart condition so serious that when she was born, her parents were advised that she would not make it to her second birthday. However, Steph defied the odds and when she was an adult and doctors told her she would never be able to have children, Steph was determined to beat those odds too and went on to have two children.

Steph’s partner, 22 year-old Ben Widdup is devastated: “Steph was fine when I went to work at around 7am and then I got a phone call from my parents two hours later. Alfie usually opens the door for my mum and he said that day to my mum, ‘mummy won’t wake up’.

“My mum found her just lying there in bed and she knew what had happened. When I returned home I just collapsed outside, it was and still is so hard to believe.
“I didn’t think it could ever happen to us, it hasn’t hit me yet. I know it has happened but I think I am still in shock. Steph was happy, fun, outgoing and a genuinely nice person who would do anything for anyone, especially her kids.”

Ben says although the two boys, Alfie and 18-month-old Leyton-Baylee, can’t fully comprehend what has happened to their mother, they are aware that something is wrong. Ben said: “It is like having two newborns again. They have been up through the night ever since. I don’t think they understand but they know something has happened. Alfie still thinks she is asleep.”

Ben received the news of the tragedy while at work; he raced home to try to rouse Steph, but to no avail: “She thought she slept on her shoulder funny. Everyone told her to go to the hospital but because she was that stubborn she wouldn’t.

“I got a phonecall at work saying something had happened. I ran upstairs and I started shaking her.”

Ben and Steph met 5 years ago

Ben and Steph met 5 years ago

Devastated Ben is full of admiration for what Steph did with her short life despite her heart condition: “It was amazing how far she had come. When she was told she couldn’t have children that made her more determined. Everyone was going mad at her because it was dangerous but I was just so relieved that both pregnancies went OK.

“I’m getting Alfie checked out now as the condition is hereditary. I would rather find out if he has it and then we will take it one step at a time. Thank you to everyone that has helped us. It is incredible.”

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