Westboro Baptist Church Planning To Picket Robin Williams’s Funeral

Homophobic hate group claim that the beloved comedian is in hell because he took his own life and is “hated by God.”

Congregants of the WBC with their placards

Congregants of the WBC with their placards

Describing Robin Williams as a “fab enabler,” the fundamental church has been encouraging picketers with its Twitter account using the hashtags #NoObedienceNoPeace and #MustPicketFuneral. The church has created placards showing Williams in hell and are claiming his comedy “mocked God” and tweeting that “He was a hot mess! Given great talent then #cursed ‘coz he didn’t give glory to God!” Another tweet reads Williams “decided to use his considerable talent to push filthy life styles [sic], flagrant debauchery, and hedonism.”

The Westboro Baptist Church has targeted several celebrities and band before and is well known for picketing army funerals, often with offensive placards. The website address for the Kansas-based church is www.godhatesfags.com and includes a ticker showing the number of “people whom God has cast into hell since you loaded this page.”

One of WBC's tweets

One of WBC’s tweets

WBC picketers are usually outnumbered by people who disagree with their fundamental views. In the case of Robin Williams, the passing of whom has caused a world-wide outpouring of grief and shock, one imagines that the WBC placard-wavers will be dwarfed by those paying their respects and remembering a man who gave the world joy and laughter for more than 60 years.

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