West Midlands Sinkhole Swallows Driveway & Front Wall – And Still Growing!

A sinkhole that opened up in the driveway of a West Midlands home on Sunday is now 10 ft wide and growing. After consuming garden slabs, parts of the front wall and a portion of the driveway, the 12 ft deep chasm is now threatening to swallow a car.

The owner of the house has evacuated on the advice of the council, but it is still unclear what caused the hole to suddenly open up in an apparently ordinary street. Neighbour Glenys Murphy said coal mines below the surface have left the area “like a honeycomb”. She said sinkholes had regularly opened up in around the Wednesbury area, and that another had swallowed a tree in the same street a few decades before.

Ms Murphy said she was not concerned for the safety of her own home, as it had been built on a coal dump. The West Midlands hole that appeared this week has become an attraction for other residents, who reportedly have been travelling by car to photograph the expanding crevice. The Coal Authority has been informed of the hole’s existence and is reportedly investigating.

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