WATCH: Woman Wanted After Child Abduction From Trolley In Asda

Police in Bexley are looking to speak to a woman following an attempted abduction of a toddler from Asda.  The child’s mother was at the checkout when it is reported a woman lifted the child out of the shopping trolley. She then started to walk away with the 18-month-old boy before the mother intervened.

A woman believed to be the mother posted on Facebook: “I was putting my shopping on the till and this women took [the child] out of the trolley that was right next to me where he was sitting and walked away.  Luckily I grabbed him. But as I grabbed him off her she repeatedly said ‘come with nanny’. I was in such shock.”

The suspect is described as being oriental and about 65 years old. She had black hair in a ponytail and was wearing glasses. She was wearing white trainers, red tracksuit bottoms and a long grey coat.

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