Watch Terrifying Moment M6 Toll Lorry Driver Does A U-Turn VIDEO

This is the moment a Lithuanian lorry driver performed a highly dangerous manoeuvre – straight across the path of THREE LANES of oncoming traffic.

The lorry's driver had driven the wrong way down the slip road

The lorry’s driver had driven the wrong way down the slip road

Motorway police have released the CCTV footage as a warning both to lorry drivers and to motorists about what unexpected hazards they might encounter.

The lorry driver, 51 Leonid Papachin, was given a suspended prison sentence by Cannock magistrates.  The incredible stunt happened at approximately 5.30pm on 23 October; Papachin drove the wrong way down the slip road at junction T5 on the M6 Toll.

When he realised his error, he sought to rectify it by performing a U-turn so as to drive his 40 tonne truck in the correct direction.  CCTV controllers alerted police, who stopped Papachin and arrested him.

As well as the suspended sentence of 15 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, Papachin was ordered to pay £85 costs and 15 weeks in prison, suspended for two years and ordered to pay £85 costs.

Chief Inspector Jed White, Motorway Patrol Manager,  said: “Unfortunately this type of incident is all too common on the motorway network, especially the M6 Toll, where drivers attempt to avoid charges for using the road. On this occasion the driver should have contacted motorway police immediately to help him manoeuvre safely.

“We will always prosecute offenders and, as this case demonstrates, the penalties can be quite severe. Our CCTV systems cover the majority of carriageways and are monitored 24/7, so there is no hiding place.  I hope that it serves as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they can put other motorists in jeopardy by ignoring motorway regulations.”


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