A hero policeman punched his way into a sweltering car to pull a huge pitbull to safety – SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO…1dogcopThe brave dog handler badly gashed his arm frantically getting to the dog just moments away from perishing inside the searing heat of its owner’s vehicle. The Spanish civil guardsman shows no signs of fear as he breaks the car window and then drags the huge animal onto the pavement.

With the dog panting heavily, the rescuer gets a bowl of water and then sponges the animal to bring down its temperature. More than 1.1 million have watched the dramatic rescue which was put on Facebook by Spain’s civil guard.

The dog is believed to have made a good recovery but the owner now faces a charge of animal abuse after the incident in the Vinalopó area of Alicante.

As temperatures of 30C in the UK matched Spain, RSPCA inspectors were facing similar emergencies over the weekend with 106 reports of dogs left in hot cars, caravans, conservatories and sheds