WASPOCALYPSE -Thousands Of Wasps Take Over A Bedroom, Chewing Through Sheets & Pillows

A pest-control expert described a spare bedroom that had been home to thousands of wasps as being “like the apocalypse.”

A pest controller said the scene was reminiscent of the apocalypse

A pest controller said the scene was reminiscent of the apocalypse

His client, who lives in Winchester in Hampshire, has a five-bedroom house and did not have cause to go in the spare room very often and months would pass without a visit. However, when she last opened the door, she was amazed to discover a giant wasps’ nest covering the bed. The insects had chomped through pillows and blankets and burrowed deep into the mattress to create a massive nest.

Expert John Birkett, who was brought in to deal with the stinging invaders said that in more than four decades on the job, he has not seen anything quite like it: “In 45 years I have never seen anything like it. There must have been 5,000 wasps. It was a job to deal with it. I had to put all my protective gear on. At one stage there must have been 2,000 wasps buzzing around me. If someone had gone in to the room and not known what it was it would have been pretty serious.”

Wasps usually build their nests in trees, or quiet spaces like sheds and lofts. In this case, Mr Birkett used a chemical spray to kill off the wasps, in a procedure that took two hours:

I thought ‘what a shame’, but I had a job to do and the client was terrified. Afterwards, the entire room was filled with dead wasps. It was like the apocalypse.”

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