Jihadis looking to strike terror across the UK could target less protected rural towns and cities outside London, security experts have warned.1armedOfficials are concerned the horrific murder of innocent lives in Nice shows a change in tact for vile terror cell Islamic State, turning away from their trend of targeting capitals to striking smaller cities with less security presence.

Former Metropolitan Police counter-terror officer David Videcette has claimed terrorists may be trying to take advantage of Britain’s vulnerable areas. He said: “At events like the Notting Hill Carnival, there will be a huge police presence as always. There will be lots of specialist officers around that you do not see.

“But it is a very different story at some of the events that take place outside of London. Some of the smaller forces do not have the same resources and having to balance a budget means they have fewer officers. There has been a culture of trying to do more with less, but that is something that can be exploited.”