Warning As Man Tries To Lure Sisters, 3 & 6, Into Van With “Bunny Rabbits”

Terrified parents have joined police in warning about a man who allegedly tried to lure their two young children into a van with bunny rabbits. Little Lacie Perryman, six, and sister Skye, three, were playing in their front garden when the van pulled onto the kerb and a ‘strange’ man told them they were ‘pretty,’ it was claimed.

Lacie said he’d tried to usher her to the vehicle saying he had ‘something to show her’ and claimed he had ‘bunny rabbits in the back’. Shocked mum Stacey, 26, says she was alerted when son Rylie, nine, dashed in to to say a man had gestured to the girls to get into his van.

Stacey says she ran outside in time to see Skye walking up the garden path towards the van as the male leaned out his window ‘ready to pounce’. Full-time mum Stacey screamed at her youngest daughter to stop, which startled the van driver, who sped off down the road. She pursued the van driver on foot following the “attempted abduction” before she lost him. Father Shaun Perryman, 30, a mechanic, said he wouldn’t be letting his children outside alone after the scare. He said: “The kids won’t be going outside.”

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