Warning As Heatwave Sparks Explosion Of Toxic Hogweed – Agonising Burns

The current heatwave has sparked an explosion of a giant hogweed across the UK which has left people with agonising blisters.

Experts have warned not to touch Britain’s most dangerous plant, which can tower up to 23ft high. Giant hogweed originates from Afghanistan and has been boosted by the 33C heatwave in the UK. Its toxic sap can burn and blister the skin of anyone who touches it.

Last month Adam Hodgson, 11, was rushed to hospital after he came into contact with it while playing in the park. The young lad rubbed the poisonous plant on his leg after being stung by nettles, thinking it was a dock leaf in Barrhead, Renfrewshire. Now ahead of the school holidays parents are being warned to tell their children not to touch the plant.

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