VIDEO Ice Bucket Fail Leaves Mum With Suspected Broken Neck

Another Ice Bucket Challenge has ended in hospital after a mum-of-two got more than she bargained for from a drenching with ice-cold water.

Amanda Davey managed to make it through the soaking provided by her mother Irene Vitali, but like many other people taking up the challenge, she was so shocked by the experience she ran away from the scene.

Amanda was left with severe whiplash, but got off lightly

Amanda was left with severe whiplash, but got off lightly

However, as poor Amanda dashed into the kitchen, her wet feet slipped on the floor and she fell, landing on her head and was knocked unconscious. When Amanda regained consciousness, she was confused and her speech was slurred, so her family rushed her to hospital.

Doctors who examined Amanda and treated her badly-bruised scalp said she had been extremely fortunate not to break her neck. She was treated for severe whiplash and heavy bruising.

Amanda warned others to be more careful than she had been: “My legs just went under me, I have no bruises because I landed on my head. I was knocked out for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes my mum was asking if I was ok.

“I had pins and needles all down my arms and when I went to speak blurred words came out. I had only had half a glass of wine, so I know it wasn’t that! I knew I had really banged my head. The hospital thought I might have broken my neck, but when the doctor examined me he said I had been very lucky and only had severe whiplash.

“In hospital they told me they had had a few people come in that had slipped and banged themselves. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it is really funny to watch, you can’t help but laugh. I would do it again – but without the fall. So many people were telling me when I posted it that it was the best one yet. Then they were asking me if I was ok. You tell kids at the swimming pools when they are little not to run as they will slip. But when you are freezing cold you don’t think about it. My boys saw the video and thought it was hilarious, they were not even remotely concerned that I had hurt myself. My advice to those doing it is don’t run anywhere. Stand and take it and get dried first.”



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