VIDEO Grassed Up By CCTV! Cheeky Thieves Caught Pinching A Lawn

It brings a new meaning to ‘turf wars,’ but Bobby Stacey could not believe what two women had been captured doing on his CCTV camera.

The cheeky thieves took 40 minutes to steal the turf they wanted

The cheeky thieves took 40 minutes to steal the turf they wanted

Mr Stacey, from Skelmersdale, had installed CCTV outside his house and when he reviewed the footage, he was astounded to see two middle-aged women sneaking along the footpath next to his house to his neighbour’s house. Once there, they began ripping up strips of freshly-laid turf and making off with them.

The cheeky thieves returned again and again, pinching the turf and carrying it away until over half the new-laid garden was gone; a garden which, according to Mr Stacey, had only been laid by his neighbour the previous day.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Mr Stacey said: “I couldn’t stop laughing. I was annoyed at the same time though. The reason I got the CCTV in the first place is because my shed had been broken into a few weeks earlier and a load of tools were stolen.

“So I put padlock on the shed. Then the thieves came back and used my own bolt cutters to cut the lock and steal a mountain bike. It’s just cheeky. The guy spent all day leveling that ground, making it look good and then to come out the next morning and it’s gone. It’s just terrible.”

Mr Stacey explained that according to the CCTV time-stamp, the thieves began the theft at about 5am and took about 40 minutes to lift the turf that they required: “They even took a cigarette break!”

A spokeswoman for the Lancashire Police was able to confirm that the incident was reported to them on 24 July: “Police have investigated this incident. We’re at the stage that there are no further lines of inquiry but would appeal to anyone with information to come forward.”




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