UK’s Vilest Town? Maxine Carr, Baby P Mother and Sick Kidnapper All Live In SAME TOWN

Anyone would be shocked to discover they lived in the town as a notorious criminal and one of Britain’s vilest women.

But what about living round the corner from THREE of them?

A terrifying trio - L-R, Connelly, Carr, Matthews

A terrifying trio – L-R, Connelly, Carr, Matthews

Residents of a seaside town are reeling from the discovery that their little town has been dubbed “Monsters-On-Sea” due to the convicted criminal women who now make their home there.

38 year-old Maxine Carr who covered for Soham murderer Ian Huntley, giving him an alibi for when he was murdering Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, worked for a while in one of the town’s shops. She has already been moved to another address in the town after she was recognised by other residents; one patron of the shop said: “It suddenly clicked who she was. She is very distinctive.”

Also living in the town is the mother of Baby P, Tracey Connelly, who was jailed after she allowed her 17 month-old son Peter to be tortured to death. Jailed in 2009 she was released last year and was seen last week in a GP’s surgery in the town; one local said: “She clearly realised she’s been recognised and she wasn’t very happy about it all.”

The third resident in “Monsters-On-Sea” is 39 year-old Karen Matthews who faked the kidnap of her own daughter. Matthews constructed Shannon’s fake kidnap in an attempt to claim £50,000 reward money in 2008; her daughter was only nine at the time.

Some blame the amount of low-cost housing in the town, others the turnover of visitors and casual workers making it easier for ex-convicts to escape detection.

The Centre for Social Justice claims that seaside towns are regularly used to house both ex-­offenders as well as drug addicts and alcoholics. However, this strategy risks turning the towns into areas of social deprivation even though apparently ex-offenders do prefer to be beside the seaside after a spell inside. Well, who wouldn’t?

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