We will be desperately seeking shade again as “heat surges” look set to sear the country in July. The UK saw a dip in temperatures this week as summer showers brought the mercury down to 11-14C, but brace yourselves for bucket-and-spade weather once again as July looks set to see the vengeful return of June’s searing heatwave.

A last band of rain will sweep the country from the northwest to the southeast on Friday, clearing the skies for a sweltering start to the weekend. Though winds may persist in northern areas, Brits in the southeast can expect a sweaty start to July and “heat surges” throughout the month.

Thermometers are set to stay at 22-26C (71 to 79F) after the first week of July, with sleepless humid nights likely between July 17 and 20. Forecaster James Madden said: “There is the potential for a number of heat surges during the second week of the month and during the latter part.” Mr Madden continued: “It is of high confidence that we can expect a warm August.”