Typical Brit – Man Finds Giant Spider In Shed Then Films Himself STROKING It

What else does a man in Britain do when he finds a giant spider with huge fangs lurking in his shed? Well, clearly poking it is the way forward – oh, and filming it too.

The "Shed Guardian" is lured from its web with a stroke

The “Shed Guardian” is lured from its web with a stroke

YouTube user angryrhyno has shared the footage of his shed, which is shown containing an enormous tube-web spider, which angryrhyno has nicknamed his “Shed Guardian.”

Originally native to the Mediterranean, the tube-web spider is now on the increase in the UK, after a period of “considerable expansion” started in the 1990s. The spider is especially on the increase in the South-East and London. People who have been bitten by a tube-web spider report a “Sharp and painful bite [that] felt like a deep injection and caused quite a shock” and say that the left an “Area red and tender to touch (swollen), with bite marks.”

Angryrhyno was not put off by that, however, as it can be seen gently stroking the visitor to his shed in Jersey in the Channel Islands: “I was gently stroking the web to get her to come out so I could film her for a wildlife Facebook page. No harm intended.”



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