Police who arrested a mum on suspicion of murder after she miscarried have defended their actions claiming the baby’s death was “unusual”.1miscLauren Bull, 30, says she had no idea she was pregnant when she woke up in the middle of the night covered in blood. She was rushed to hospital in a life-threatening condition – but was arrested while still in bed recovering from surgery for a collapsed womb.

Her partner Jack Walker, 28, was also arrested on suspicion of murder. They also faced accusations of concealing the birth of a child. The pair maintained they were totally unaware Lauren was pregnant.

They believe the police investigation surrounded the couple’s attempts to clean up the bathroom before they went to hospital. But Lauren says they desperately tried to mop up the blood because they were worried about upsetting her two children who were at the family home in Braintree, Essex.

A post-mortem exam later revealed the baby boy, later named Percy Jack Walker by the couple, died as a result of a still birth at 31 weeks. An Essex Police spokesman said: “Recent cases have highlighted the need for police to thoroughly investigate any harm to a child, especially when they die. The body of this poor baby was found in unusual circumstances.”