Tragedy Of Premature Baby Born As Mum Lay Dying After Freak Accident

Surgeons were forced to perform an emergency Caesarean section and deliver Debbie Gallagher’s baby two months early after her shocking accident.

Daisy Faultless was born as her mother, Debbie (right) lay dying

Daisy Faultless was born as her mother, Debbie (right) lay dying

To see the smiling face of Daisy Faultless, you could never guess that she was a child born out of tragedy.

Little Daisy’s mum died a day after she was born by emergency C-section after doctors were forced to take the drastic action of delivering her two months prematurely. Daisy’s mother, 36 year-old Debbie Gallagher had sustained a devastating head injury in a freak accident at their home in Chelmsley Wood, near Birmingham.

Debbie died after falling down the stairs at the home she shared with her partner Mike Faultless and her two children Curtis, 15 and Bradley, nine. Mike described the awful moment he found Debbie unconscious: “We had gone to bed saying how happy we were. Then there was a load bang from downstairs that woke me up. I shouted down for Debbie but I got no answer. I got up to find her and saw a figure lying at the bottom of the stairs. I raced down to her and found blood coming from behind her ear. I was in total panic and shock.”

The emergency services rushed Debbie to the Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital, Coventry, where here injury was deemed to be so severe that the decision was taken to deliver her baby by emergency Caesarean. Little Daisy was born weighing 4lb 15oz, but her mother could not be saved and Debbie died the following day.

Her heartbroken partner Mike said: “Daisy is such a beautiful little girl and I am so proud of her. I know Debbie would have been so proud too. It was such a terrible time. There was the elation of seeing your little girl come into the world and then, just a day later, seeing the woman you love pass away.

“Debbie was a fun-loving woman who was happiest when having a party and dancing with family and friends. She was such a wonderful partner and mother and we planned to spend the rest of our lives together.”

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