Tragedy Of Baby Boy Found Lifeless In Cot After Catching Bug From Family Pet

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Lindsay Wilson and Tim Lees went to wake up their “smiling and loving” little boy one morning and found him dead in his cot. The devastated parents screamed for help, not knowing what had killed their baby boy.  His heartbroken mum, Lindsay, said: “He was a chunky monkey and a really good baby. All his brothers and sisters loved him. He was like my best friend and I would talk to him all the time.”

Tragically the pair, from west Hull, found themselves at the centre of a criminal investigation into whether they neglected their baby boy. Humberside Police launched a lengthy investigation to explore possible neglect after Tyler Wilson was found on the morning of November 25, 2014. This week the local coroner ruled that Tyler died of natural causes.

The ruling marked the end of two years of hell for the grieving couple. Paediatric histopathologist Dr Luiz Peres confirmed Tyler died of acute salmonella infection after Professor Nigel Klein, a paediatric infectious diseases expert, suggested that pet terrapins, which had been handled by Tyler’s dad Tim, could have been the source of the salmonella.

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