Tragedy For Duchess Of Cambridge As Childhood Friend Dies From Brain Tumour

A childhood friend of the Duchess of Cambridge has died after a three-year battle against a brain tumour in which she suffered ‘the utmost pain, distress and loss of dignity’. Isobel Kennerley, who was a member of Kate’s Brownie Pack – and went on a pack holiday with Kate and her sister Pippa – lost her battle against the disease in May at the age of 34.

Isobel, who had cerebral palsy, met the sisters in 1990, when they joined the 1st St Andrew’s pack of Brownies. She was in Kate’s six and joined them on a pack holiday in Easter 1991. After school, Isobel went on to become a teaching assistant at Newbury’s St Bartholomew’s School, specialising in caring for autistic children.

Isobel was diagnosed with the tumour at Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital in September 2014, after being given an MRI scan, and was referred to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital for treatment. It was there, after having a biopsy, that she discovered she had a Grade IV glioblastoma and there was no cure.

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