A devastated mother has revealed her heartbreak after her ‘fun-loving and friendly’ son drowned in a small puddle after suffering a seizure while walking his dog.1boyThomas Owen’s death was described as ‘unbelievably tragic’ – and had he collapsed anywhere else in the park, chances are he would have survived. The 18-year-old, from Greater Manchester, had suffered from learning difficulties and epilepsy since he was just a toddler, and took medication daily for his condition.

An inquest held before the assistant coroner heard how the teenager was discovered face down in a 3cm-deep muddy pool of water by a 79-year-old neighbour back in June this year. Pauline Harvey had been walking in Wellfield Lane Park, off Wellfield Lane, just after midday when she noticed a dog running around on its own.

The pensioner walked over to the animal, and found Thomas unconscious near the goal posts, reports Manchester Evening News. She tried to turn him over, but he was too heavy, so she went back to her home to call 999 for help.

Paramedics tried desperately to revive the teenager before he was rushed to Wythenshawe Hospital where he was shortly after pronounced dead. A post mortem revealed mud, grass and stones deep within his lungs, suggesting that he had been breathing in while unconscious in the puddle and that had Thomas collapsed on grass, he would have probably survived.