Tragedy As Teaching Assistant & “Perfect Mum” Dies After Collapsing At School

Lisa Kelly was on her way to pick up her twin daughters up when she collapsed in the car park of the school where she worked. Without warning, the teaching assistant became suddenly and critically ill. Concerned colleagues surrounded her and her partner Gavin Calvert rushed to her side and stayed with her until she was airlifted to hospital.

He has now spoken about how that seemingly ordinary day changed his life forever, telling Chronicle Live : “On 15 March I got a phone call from Bamburgh School saying Lisa’s collapsed. I got to the school and there’s an air ambulance there. When I saw Lisa they were doing compressions, I knew when I saw her she was in a critical condition.”

He took hold of Lisa’s hand and repeated the names of their twin girls Jasmine and Scarlett in the hope that it would bring her around. She was flown to hospital but was pronounced dead at the age of just 35. Almost two months on, the family are still waiting to hear why fit and healthy Lisa collapsed and died. Gavin said: “She was a brilliant mother. I would say she was a perfect mother. She was a beautiful girl inside and out.”

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