A tiny pair of pink shoes were left behind when two three-year-old girls were killed after climbing into a cement mixer and accidentally turning the machine on. The area had been left unmanned for a number of days and no workers were on the site to stop the children from climbing into the mixer – which was still plugged in.

Authorities believe the girls switched on the machine, normally used for stirring cement, and were crushed by the rotating arm inside. One of the toddlers was found without vital signs while the other died while being rushed to hospital . Local residents reported finding the mangled and badly injured bodies of the two girls.

The pair, whose exact relation to each other has yet to be made clear, are believed to have wandered away from their guardians and ended up inside an abandoned construction site. The incident occurred in Saima Township, which is in Sichuan’s Guang’an City. The horrific tragedy is now the subject of an official investigation.