Tragedy As New Mum Who Thought She Was Run-Down Dies From Diabetes

Nicky Rigby gave birth to her daughter Lily in February 2012 – just five months later she was dead.

Nicky Rigby gave birth in February 2012 - just five months later she was dead

Nicky Rigby gave birth in February 2012 – just five months later she was dead

After Lily’s birth Nicky began to feel run down and tired; she started to lose weight and needed to urinate more often and put her symptoms down to the busyness of being a new mum. Her fiancé to their GP and she was prescribed iron tablets but they failed to make her feel any better.

Then one day in July 2012, Nicky’s fiancé Mark Wilson found her collapsed unconscious on the floor of their home, surrounded by black vomit. Mark called an ambulance and began CPR, which the paramedics continued when they arrived. However, Mark feared the worst when he heard one of the paramedics said Nicky was dead.

An inquest into Nicky’s death revealed that had been suffering from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes and her condition had deteriorated so much her oesophagus had rotted. The coroner said that had her condition been diagnosed and treated with regular insulin injections then her death could have been prevented.

Her 29 year-old fiancé is devastated by her death; Mark Wilson said: “Nicky was a natural with Lily, cuddling and feeding her. She loved being a mum, despite the sleepless nights leaving her feeling exhausted. She didn’t want anyone fussing over her, she just said that all mums get tired like she was.’

“All I could think was Nicky had wanted to be a mum so much and now she wasn’t going to get to see our little girl grow up. I want Lily to look at pictures of her mum and know she was a brilliant, fun person.” And Mark wants other women to be aware of the potential danger of diabetes: “Please don’t battle on through exhaustion like my brave Nicky tried to do.”

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