A mum who overcame 16 miscarriages to give birth to her “miracle girl” told how it took just SIX HOURS for meningitis to kill her “perfectly healthy” daughter.1menginFleur-Rose Allen died on April 4 this year, just days after she started walking for the first time. The 15-month-old, who was born on New Year’s Eve 2014 – two-and-a-half months premature following a difficult pregnancy – woke with a slight temperature and crying.

Her mum, hairdresser Lizzie Allen, 32, thought she had a bug and gave her water and Calpol. But hours later, after suffering four cardiac arrests, she was declared dead. Her brave mum, in her only interview, said she wanted other parents to know how quickly meningitis can become deadly.

“Fleur-Rose was so healthy,” she recalled. “She was toddling and laughing the day before she died. At 1pm on the day we lost her, she was sat on her daddy Matt’s knee, grinning away. By 6pm she was taken to the hospital’s resuscitation department. At 11.04pm she was dead.”

Her mum now wants to promote greater awareness of the symptoms of meningitis in youngsters. “People always look for the rash, but her rash didn’t develop until later,” she said. “At lunchtime she was cheerful, but actually she was being killed from the inside out … I think every child who is admitted to hospital with similar symptoms should automatically have a meningitis check. A child’s life isn’t a lottery.”