Tragedy As Father “Accidentally Kills His 21-Month-Old Son” Reversing His Car Over Him On Drive

A toddler was run over and killed by his dad while playing on the family’s driveway in a devastating accident. The 21-month-old boy died on Sunday after being hit while playing with his eight-year-old brother at their home in Bristol, Connecticut.

Robin Reid, who lives opposite the family in Sycamore Street, told Fox61 she saw the accident happen. She said: “It’s very heartbreaking. I don’t think he realised that he’d hit the boy.” She told Bristol Press the dad, 45, was “devastated” and collapsed in shock when he realised he had hit the little boy, who died at the scene.

In a tragic twist, she said the man was actually moving his car to block the road from other vehicles so kids could play safely when he ran over his son Neighbours are planning a candlelit vigil for the little boy and have rallied round the family, creating a memorial on the family’s front lawn. Police are investigating, but said at this stage they believe it was “an unfortunate accident”.

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