Tragedy: 11 Month-Old Baby Drowns After Falling Into Bucket Of Water

A baby girl just 10 days away from her first birthday died when she tipped headfirst into a bucket that had been filled with water ready for mopping and was unable to extricate herself.

Police are treating the tragedy as an "accidental death"

Police are treating the tragedy as an “accidental death”

Little Mariella Dalimata appears to have entered the bucket head-first after over-balancing; she drowned in the bucket on Saturday, even though her mother was only out of the room for a few minutes.

Now the money that her family had been saving up to celebrate her first birthday will be spent on her funeral. Police have found no evidence of foul play and are treating the tragedy as an “accidental death,” one which has left her parents, Kayla and Mark Dalimata, from Creston in Montana devastated.

Brooke Schwab, Mariella’s aunt, confirmed that the little girl had been on her own for no more than four minutes and said that the tragedy should remind other parents to “be aware of just how quick drowning can happen. We were planning to have a birthday party. We weren’t planning to have funeral expenses.”

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