Toddler Nearly Killed By BATHROOM SCALES – Fighting For Life

A toddler was left fighting for his life after his insides were burnt by acid when he swallowed a button battery from weighing scales. Chrissy and Elliott Lennon, of Worthing, West Sussex, were at home on May 29 when, out of the blue, their one-year-old boy Ollie started violently vomiting black liquid. The next morning he was still very ill.

They were stumped – until 29-year-old full-time mum Chrissy, who’d just started a diet, went to weigh herself but the scales didn’t work. She looked underneath and saw the button battery was missing. She put two-and-two together and rushed tiny Ollie to Worthing Hospital – where an X-ray showed he’d swallowed the button. On May 30, a day after he ate the button, Ollie underwent hour-and-a-half surgery; the battery had corroded and medics feared the acid in it had burnt his insides.

He was taken by emergency ambulance to the larger Southampton General Hospital 55 miles away. Medics established a 1.2cm hole had formed in his trachea. It had caused his left lung to collapse and Ollie was taken by ambulance to the paediatric intensive care unit at Great Ormond Street where he had a heart and lung bypass. And on July 17 – after nearly two months in hospital – he was allowed home. Now, Elliott and Chrissy want parents to know about the dangers of button batteries in toys and household items such as children’s thermometers and bathroom scales.

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