Toddler In Critical Condition After Traumatic School Fence Accident

A three year-old is in critical condition in hospital after a horrific accident involving a school fence.

The three year-old sustained severe head injuries in the accident

The three year-old sustained severe head injuries in the accident

The little girl sustained a serious head injury and was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital after an elderly driver in his 70s ploughed into a metal fence knocking it onto her.

How the driver came to collide with the fence at Milking Bank Primary School is not yet known. The accident happened at the close of the school day at 3.15pm and the little girl’s grandmother was also injured; she suffered a broken leg in the accident and was taken to the Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley.

The police interviewed the driver at the scene. A spokeswoman for the West Midlands Police, Sarah Buxton, issued a statement: “The child was injured at around 3.15pm when a car collided with a fence near Milking Bank Primary School on Aintree Way. One of the railings from the fence was damaged during the crash and hit the girl on the head causing a large cut. She remains in hospital in a critical condition.”

The Headteacher of Milking Bank Primary School, Richard Mason, said: “We are extremely shocked and saddened by Monday‚Äôs incident and all of our thoughts are with the young girl and her family.”

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