Toddler, 2, Suffers Brain Damage After Teen Babysitter “Slammed Her Head Against A Wall”

A toddler suffered brain damage after her teenage babysitter “slammed her head against a wall while disciplining her for stealing sweets”. Gia Faye, two, was “attacked” by her 16-year-old childminder in Brownsville, California on Thursday afternoon.

The teenage boy, who is known to the family, said the tot was playing with a toy when she should have been asleep and stole a sweet after he took it off her. He told officers he was trying to discipline the youngster, but later “confessed to slamming her against the wall”. Gia hit her head on the edge of the wall and was unresponsive when emergency crews arrived, according to

The youngster needed emergency brain surgery, which lasted three hours, as her brain shifted after the blow. Medics also needed to remove a blood clot and half her skull to make room for swelling. The babysitter was arrested on suspicion of child abuse and is being held in a juvenile detention centre.

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