1stuA three-year-old girl has been killed after a stone monument fell on her while she and her family were on holiday in New South Wales, Australia. The young girl was playing at Blackhead Bowling Club on Saturday evening when the concrete monument collapsed, crushing the toddler underneath.

Onlookers rushed to lift the crumbled stone from on top of the child and immediately performed CPR however, the injuries she sustained to the head and chest were serious and she died later at a nearby hospital. The bolts holding the massive one metre tall monument down are said to have become loose leading to the monument’s collapse.

“The deceased child was not climbing on top of the war memorial, another child was climbing on top of the memorial and it appears as though the weight of that child brought it down and another girl was standing behind the slab,” Superintendent Peter Thurtell told ABC News. “We can’t speculate as to why it fell over… but it appears weight was an influencing factor.”