Three Girls Murdered So Brutally In Their Home, Police Were Offered Counselling

Three girls under the age of ten were found dead in a house in a crime so horrific that police officers are being offered counselling. The bodies showed signs of ‘blunt force trauma’ when they were found by an adult family member in Clinton, Maryland, US.

A fourth child, a two-year-old, was alive and unharmed, according to the Washington Post. Antonio Williams, 24, who lives in the same block as the children, was arrested late Friday night. It is unclear who was caring for the children, who else was in the house and how many people lived there.

Police are also yet to identify the girls or give their ages as they are still working to notify the family members. Assistant Police Chief Hector Velez, vowed to leave no stone unturned when investigating the brutal crime and said the entire community is mourning the “three beautiful young children.”

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