Counter-terrorism police have carried out more than a dozen raids across Germany including on a refugee centre after receiving a tip-off about an “imminent attack” linked to Islamic State (ISIS) militants.germanArmed police and explosives dogs raided 13 buildings – an accommodation facility for asylum seekers and 12 homes – after officers said they had received reports of a credible threat.

The main suspect is a 28-year-old “Russian national of Chechen descent” who was known to police and has alleged links to ISIS. Since the second half of 2015 he is suspected of preparing “a serious act of violent subversion”. Investigators believed he intended to fight for ISIS in Syria.

Police arrested a further ten Chechen men and three women with Russian citizenship who are believed to have links to the terror group. They are suspected of being involved in the financing of terrorism.

The raids have taken place across Germany, from Hamburg in the north to Bavaria in the south. Twelve apartments and a shared accommodation block were searched on Tuesday morning by police forces in a coordinated operation.