1mixxThe future for Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche has been uncertain. Jesy has been spotted without her engagement ring but claimed the pair are still dating.

But is the engagement off? A source revealed that Jesy apparently cancelled the rest of her wedding dress fitting and told the venue to release the date. The insider told Reveal that Jesy, 25, is “constantly” talking about being a mum and wanted to start trying for a baby as soon as she got married in May. But that was not the case for Jake, who doesn’t feel ready to be a dad.

The source said: “Jake feels that, at 24, he’s too young to be a father. He feels they have their whole lives ahead of them to start enjoying kids when the time is right. Jesy completely disagreed. She is only a year older but is much more emotionally mature and she was always very clear with Jake that, as soon as she got married, she would want to start the next big chapter in their lives together.”

“Jake has been trying to get in touch loads and see if they can sort things out, but Jesy’s not interested at the moment. She’s told her closest friends that if he’s not willing to step up to the plate and be a father, there’s no point in them getting married.”