The End of Summer? Arctic Sleet Misery For Britain

Dig out those Winter coats – Britain is set to take an icy plunge as a week-long “Autumn chill” blasts in from the Arctic.

Autumn chill and sleet is on the way

Autumn chill and sleet is on the way

Forecasters even predict that there is a chance of SLEET over the hillier regions of the UK as the entire country shivers at the mercy of the chilly winds that threaten to persist until the August Bank Holiday.

The mercury is set to drop as an area of low pressure off the Scottish coast bring Arctic winds gusting down the country. The temperature could be down to single figures and even causing frosts. The low pressure system is deeper than average for the time of year and brings with it torrential rain and gales.

The Met Office has warned that winds in the North could reach speeds of 60mph on Sunday and Monday and that temperatures in Scotland could be down to 2°C overnight, with the the temperature further South dipping down to 4°C.

August has already witnessed a deluge as 3.4 inches (86.1mm) has already fallen; that’s not far off the 3.5 inches (89.5mm) average for the month.

An expert for Vantage Weather Services, forecaster Jonathan Powell said: “Temperatures are really backing down over the next week, right down into single figures or freezing in places bringing some frosts. There will be some thick early morning mists and chilly winds as air comes into Britain from the Arctic region. There is a real autumn chill on the way, feeling more like October than August for at least a week.”

A forecasting spokesman for the Met Office said: “As we head in to next week there should be a good deal of drier weather but with northerly winds bringing in cooler air it will feel colder than of late, especially at night. This will feel noticeably cool in the wind, so people heading out in the evening may want to take a few extra layers.”

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