1chanChanelle Hayes has been left fuming after she was branded a ‘fat c**t’ during an altercation in a Tesco car park. The one-time Big Brother star claims someone reversed their car into her before shouting expletives at her and telling her to go to the gym.

In a lengthy post on Instagram the star, who has recently embraced her fuller figure, ranted: “Whichever absolute d**khead just reversed his car into me in Tesco carpark when I was walking along doing absolutely nothing wrong… try looking where you’re going in future.

“And if you do happen to reverse into someone again, maybe just say sorry instead of calling me a ‘fat c**t who needs to get my arse to the gym’.”

She continued: “Learn how to drive, learn some manners and tell your smug girlfriend who was laughing at me in the passenger seat that she’s the one to laughed at being with a complete ***b like you!”