Terrifying CCTV footage has captured the moment a couple were attacked by a giant crocodile in their hotel pool – SCROLL DOWN FOR FOOTAGE.1crocThe man and woman were enjoying a late night swim when they creature crawled out of the shadows and launched itself into the water. Seconds later, the croc begins thrashing in the direction of the couple, prompting the man to leap to safety out of the side of the pool.

But the woman cannot escape so easily and is forced to fend off the 6ft-long animal as she desperately tries to swim away. Eventually, the CCTV shows her clambering out of the pool after close contact with the wild animal, while the crocodile remains in the water.

It is not clear if either the man or the woman were injured by the croc, although both appear steady on their feet as they walk away from the pool. The incident is believed to have taken place at a hotel in Kariba, Zimbabwe on Friday, October 28.