Terrified Woman Who Refused Sex Doused In Petrol And Turned Into Ten Foot Fireball

A woman who refused a “sadistic” man sex was drenched in petrol, set alight and left to burn.

Dovile Krivickaite came to the UK in September 2012. She got to know 28 year-old Mohammed Kosar, whom she knew as “Rocky,” but when he asked her for sex, she turned him down flat.

Kosar was sentenced at the Old Bailey

Kosar was sentenced at the Old Bailey

Kosar and a friend picked up Dovile on 19 October last year. After they picked her up from Rosedale Road in Forest Gate, she was taken to an alley as Kosar said he wanted “a word.”

Then, without any warning, Kosar doused Dovile in the contents of a petrol can and set her alight. As Dovile was turned into a ten feet fireball, blazing in the alley, Kosar walked away.

Rosedale Road

Rosedale Road

Witnesses reported that the alley was lit up by the fire which could be seen from neighbouring houses. People from nearby raced to help the screaming Dovile, taking her to a nearby house, where the fire was doused with water and the emergency services summoned.

Dovile was rushed to hospital; she had suffered severe burns to her face, neck and left side of her body. She was so badly burned that her skin was falling off her body in some areas.

Dovile spent six weeks in hospital and underwent several skin graft operations; at one point she had to be intubated as the burns were hampering her ability to breathe.

Kosar was jailed for 32 weeks at the Old Bailey today. During sentencing, the judge, Rebecca Poulet QC, said: “You had very regular contact with Ms Krivickaite, seeing her almost daily and sometimes several times a day. Ms Krivickaite has said she has no idea why you attacked her – she suggested it was maybe because she rejected your sexual advances.

“I have reason to believe you certainly had some attachment to her, asking her repeatedly before she got into the car why she had not telephoned you all day.

“In my view it was not just chance that the car you were in had stopped in front of the alley – this was your chosen spot for the attack. You showed no regrets or change of heart when faced with the horrific consequences of your actions.

“This appalling attack was premeditated and in my opinion you intended to kill. You have shown no remorse, although on the day of your sentencing before me you have said this should not have happened to her. Indeed it should not.”

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