Teens Killed Dad By Throwing Boat’s DISTRESS FLARE Into His Car As He Slept

Two teens have been found guilty of killing a dad who died when a marine distress flare was tossed into his parked car. Car wash boss Vilson Meshi, 31, was asleep on the backseat and was overcome by fumes which filled his Audi in a 1,300C blaze. The dad-of-three, from Manchester, was sleeping in his car overnight outside his former partner’s home in Basildon, Essex, so he could see his children the following day.

Keani Hobbs, 18, and a 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were convicted of manslaughter today after a jury heard they did not deliberately intend to kill him with the stolen flare, as well as being convicted of the theft of marine flares. Chelmsford Crown Court heard that Mr Melshi died of smoke inhalation in a 1,300C blaze after the flare was thrown into his car.

Paul Scothern, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “A marine distress flare burns at an incredibly high temperature and the consequence of throwing a lit flare into an enclosed space such as the car where Mr Meshi was asleep was shocking; tragically he died as a result.”

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