Teenager Dies In Classroom After Suffering Caffeine Overdose From Energy Drinks

A 16-year-old boy died from a caffeine overdose after drinking caffeine-laden soft drinks, coffee and energy drinks, a coroner has said. Davis Allen Cripe collapsed and died in his classroom after suffering heart failure.

Richland County coroner Gary Watts told a news conference: “On this particular day within the two hours prior to his death, we know had consumed a large diet Mountain Dew, a cafe latte from McDonalds and also some type of energy drink. It was so much caffeine at the time of his death that it caused his arrhythmia.”

“It wasn’t a car crash that took his life. Instead, it was an energy drink,” the boy’s father, Sean Cripe, said at a news conference. “Parents, please talk to your kids about these energy drinks.”

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