The heartbroken family of tragic Katie Rough appeared at court today to see a 15-year-old girl charged with murdering their “princess”. The seven-year-old schoolgirl had been found with her throat cut in a field behind a row of homes in Woodthorpe, York after school on Monday.

The 15-year-old, charged with murder and possession of an offensive weapon, was this morning remanded in secure accommodation by York magistrates. The family of little Katie, who had been a bridesmaid at her parents’ wedding less than two weeks ago, arrived in court with drawn faces, keeping their heads down as they walked into the building.

Shocked residents earlier told of the heart-wrenching scenes as devastated mum Alison fell to her knees, screaming “no, no my little girl”. The seven-year-old had been found barely an hour and a half after she finished school for the day, with her parents rushing to help her, screaming for an ambulance. The young girl was stretchered from the scene but died shortly after arriving at hospital with the 15-year-old girl immediately taken into custody and questioned by police.