Teen Who Battled Back From Cancer Banned From Prom Because “She Hadn’t Been Into School”

A brave teenager who overcame cancer says she’s heartbroken at being “banned” from attending her school prom. Alex Dallas, 16, had been looking forward to attending the end of school dance and had had a dress specially made. But she claims teachers ruled she was “mentally unstable” and too vulnerable to attend the rite of passage party with her classmates.

And now the determined teen, who has battled cancer since the age of four and had a life-threatening 12 hour operation in December, says she’s been robbed of her prom princess dream. “I was so upset that I couldn’t go,” said Alex. “The prom’s the thing you look forward to from when you’re 11. It makes all the stress of exams worth it.” Her doting mum Sam Mattison, 39, had ordered her a specially customised £380 baby pink lace dress and bought her £60 diamante encrusted shoes for the big day.

A school spokesperson said: “We wanted to make sure attending the event was in the best interests of this student … we asked her to come in for one hour a day over a two-week period before the prom, so we could make an assessment … unfortunately she did not do so and so we reluctantly took the decision that it would not be right for her to attend the event.”

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